For far too long the great silent majority (TGSM) has sat back and watched as our once powerful, dependable, and patriotic country slowly began to fade into irrelevance. We knew, deep in our souls, that the spirit of our forefathers was urging us to take back what was slowly being lost. Over the past 20+ years, with the rise of the progressive left and political correctness, we’ve experienced an assault and erosion on the freedoms and liberties we hold so dear. Those whom we had elected to lead and serve us failed…and it came to a head during the 2016 Presidential election.
This site exists as a tool for change and embraces diversity of opinion. The media, government, and many of our fellow Americans are out of sync with the aspirational vision our founding fathers – a government by the people, for the people; where citizens have a voice. But alas, The Great Silent Majority will no longer remain silent.  Let this site stand as our vocal majority.


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